Youth Group

Our Youth Group is open to all 6th - 12th grade students. 

We meet every Sunday at 11:00 am for worship and Wednesday at 7:30 pm for Study Hall & Devotions.

Please contact Pastor Frank Kim for more information.

Basic training

SJNH Youth Group serves to educate and disciple students from grades 6-12. We understand the importance that the good news of Jesus Christ must be shared inter-generationally and therefore strive to help our students to understand the super relevancy of the gospel in their life and in their context. 

Our desire is for our students to be transformed by the gospel, learn to live for Christ and be led by the Holy Spirit and grow in faith by the Spirit. In order for our Youth Group to grow in Christ, we worship together on Sunday, have both Sunday small groups, and Wednesday Night gatherings, and hold other fellowship activities. Please come and join us and let’s grow together in Christ!

Wednesday Night

Study Hall & Devotions

Wednesday nights our students gather together to study for their classes and receive help and support for one another. During the last half hour we spend time in God's Word together to bless one another, pray for one another, and grow in knowing and loving God.