In this age of information, we believe that there so many ways to take in God's word. Therefore, we've listed content here to encourage and edifying the body of Christ through books, articles, music, etc... Check back periodically for new stuff or scroll down for some gems.

  • educating the misled people of ISRAEL

    For those who are into Christian Hip-Hop (CHH), you might be familiar with the rap duo Hazikim.

    For the rest of you, Hazakim is a comprised of brothers Mike and Tony Wray, two Messianic Jews with a heart to spread the Gospel to their Jewish brothers & sister. Their latest song "Don’t Forget the Ayin ft. J. Williams" was recently released as the main track from a mix tape distributed on the streets of Israel to

    spread the Word of God to his people. Jesus' Hebrew name is Yeshua. 'Ayin' is the Hebrew the letter 'A'. The religious authorities in Jesus' day rejected him and to this day, most Jews know him only as Yeshu. This turns the name Yeshua (meaning 'salvation' or 'God saves') to Yeshu (which is an acronym which essentially means ‘may his name and memory be blotted out’). Hip-Hop and Hip-Hop culture is gaining traction in Israel. Hopefully, Hazakim's music will not only make to their ears, but to their hearts.   

    For more about the song and Hazakim, check out the Rapzilla article here.

  • Joseph's playlist

    Joseph Lim is one of the brothers who serves on our Praise team. He was recently asked to share a playlist of some of his favorite Christian songs. We'd like to share that playlist with the rest of you. Enjoy.

    Click here to listen to Joseph Lim's Spotify "Songs That Touch" playlist.


    Mere Christianity is C.S. Lewis's forceful and accessible doctrine of Christian belief. First heard as informal radio broadcasts and then published as three separate books - The Case for Christianity, Christian Behavior, and Beyond Personality - Mere Christianity brings together what Lewis saw as the fundamental truths of the religion. Rejecting the boundaries that divide Christianity's many denominations, C.S. Lewis finds a common ground on which all those who have Christian faith can stand together, proving that "at the centre of each there is something, or a Someone, who against all divergences of belief, all differences of temperament, all memories of mutual persecution, speaks the same voice." **

    Click here to download a PDF version of the book, or click here to go to an online version of the book.

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  • 2015 Testimonial Booklet

    Everyone loves a good story. This booklet is a collection of true stories shared by regular people. Stories from men and women just like you and me, who wake up, go to work, face various challenges, and try to make the best of each day, especially through the tough times. These stories also have something else in common. They are God-stories…stories from everyday people talking about seeing God’s presence in everyday life. Which makes it all the more needed to share stories of God when we have them...may the Lord Jesus Christ bless you with these great works.

    For viewing on your computers and mobile devices, download it HERE.

    And if you'd like to print out a hard copy in booklet form for yourself or for a friend, click HERE.

  • 2015 Bishop Mission Report Night video

    Click here for the 2015 Bishop Mission Report Night video