Doctrinally and theologically we hold to the teachings of historic, orthodox, Biblical Christianity, which could be summarized as follows:

  • There is one true living God, triune with three persons in one essence, Father, Son, Holy Spirit as revealed in the Bible. 
  • The Bible is the inspired, infallible Word of God, authoritative for faith, life, and salvation. It stands above all the wisdom and knowledge of man; its truth will endure even as the faddish knowledge and pride of man fades. 
  • God created the world; all things are from Him and for Him to display and reveal His glory, majesty, and wisdom. 
  • In Him is the fullness of life, glory, beauty, truth, wonder, awe, and love; apart from Him, there is death, destruction, darkness, and lostness. 
  • Creation became fallen and cursed when human beings turned away from faith, trust, obedience, and worship of the true God to build their lives upon something other than God and His Word and promises. This is what we call sin and idolatry. 
  • All human beings are sinners and thus lost in darkness, condemned, and in need of salvation, living in a cursed world that was originally created good but is now broken and not as it was meant to be. 
  • God sent His only Son, Jesus Christ, to live the life we should have lived, to die the death we deserved to die, and thus give us new life, which we ourselves could never have earned. This is the Good News that we gladly and regularly proclaim, also known as the GOSPEL. 
  • Salvation comes only by faith in the total sufficiency of Jesus Christ and His redemptive work for us. Salvation is wholly by grace. 
  • To all who repent and surrender their lives to Jesus Christ, He grants them new birth into a new life by the indwelling of His Spirit, who imparts to the believer the power of Christ's resurrection life. 
  • Salvation in Christ confers adoption as children of God, becoming a member of a beautiful and eternal family which is called the Church, against whom the gates of hell will never prevail. 
  • The Lord Jesus will one day return to judge all nations, destroy satan, and renew all of creation so that there will be no more death, tears, pain, or shame under the consummation of His reign forever. Amen.