Our Ministry Values


  • Centrality of the Gospel - the Gospel of Jesus Christ is central to all we do and stand for
  • The Gospel is the message which enables us to know God through an encounter with Jesus Christ and what He has done for us through His death and resurrection
  • The Gospel is the key to understanding the Bible and all of life
  • The Gospel is the means and power both to cause one to be born again unto eternal life and also to grow in holiness, becoming a deeper and more complete human being as God intended


Christ, the Lord over all of life - all who surrender to Christ as Lord come into the Kingdom, which proclaims what God has graciously done for us through Christ and seeks to exalt Him in every place and every sphere in life

  • Counter-Culture - God desires His Kingdom to break forth on the earth as it is in heaven; the reign of God through Jesus is a new way of life in a new eternal counter-culture, counter to the pride, self-righteousness, and wisdom of man
  • Community & True Fellowship - No one can grow and advance in faith without others; all who are saved are redeemed into an eternal family; true fellowship and community are absolutely crucial both to enjoy God and grow as a Christian
  • Missions - the Gospel is intended to go forth unto all nations, crossing cultures and generations


  • The grace of God through the Gospel has the power to change us deeply as human beings, transforming individuals, communities, and cultures
  • Grace motivation - we seek for all who believe in Jesus to taste the freedom of grace-empowered heart motivation, that which is supernaturally gifted and going beyond the usual worldly motivations of fear, pride, guilt, duty, and self-interest